Corporate Social Responsibility and applying it to your business

Peter Glading

Corporate Social Responsibility, or “CSR”, seems to have become a bit of a “buzz” word in recent times but what is it and can it really be applied to any size of business?

A quick look in the Google-sphere suggests it is an initiative to assess and take responsibility for the effect of the business on the environment and the impact on social welfare.

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Annual legal visits: what we have learnt

Martin Bugg

The specialist legal team at Larking Gowen are currently undertaking our annual visits to our legal clients, pulling together the accounts and monitoring compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules with a view to preparing our accountants report.

As a team we have identified a couple of points through the course of our work to share with you.

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The crazy world of VAT on food. Time to change the diet?


The way that VAT applies to food has been a complicated issue since VAT was launched in the UK in 1973.  Most people who know nothing about VAT know about the Jaffa Cake issue – is it a cake or is it a biscuit?!

Most governments over the years have avoided dealing with the issue properly, although recently the government took on the pasty sellers of England and previously, Nigel Lawson was labelled the great fish and chip taxer of 1984.

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Pension freedom reforms: an update

Martin Hales

Previous blogs highlighted proposed pension changes and these were confirmed on 21 July 2014.  Investors will, as expected, have unprecedented freedom over how they take money from their pension.

From April 2015 investors aged at least 55 will be able to take their pension flexibly: a secure income, a flexible income or even just cash if they wish and according to estimates around 18 million people will be able to benefit.

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SRA set to cut red tape on private equity

Martin Hales

It was dubbed the “big bang for lawyers” and was supposed to herald a new era for law firms, allowing private equity and other external investors to invest their money into the legal sector for the first time.  But since the deregulation of the UK legal services market (in 2012), which was labeled ‘Tesco Law’, there has been limited deal activity.

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How do HMRC target their enquiries? Introducing ‘Connect’

Michael Morter

In his recent blog my colleague Peter Glading talked about HMRC enquiries and gave some top tips on how to avoid one. As he rightly says, HMRC target specific individuals and tax returns, as well as picking a few random ones to sample.

HMRC have a very modern, powerful and intriguing trick up their sleeve to help them decide if a tax return looks wrong, or if they think someone is not paying enough tax.

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