Autumn Statement 2014 predictions

Michael Morter

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were making our predictions for the Budget 2014; our very first blog!  Eight months on we are now looking to the Autumn Statement which is set to be presented by Chancellor George Osborne on 3 December.

The Autumn Statement has been likened to a mini-Budget in recent years with an increasing number of tax changes being announced early, in anticipation for the full Budget the following spring.

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What a week that was! A busy one for the legal sector!

Martin Hales

They say a week is a long time in politics but the same analogy could be applied to the legal sector when you consider the recent events since Sarah’s last blog.

The first issue that caught my eye was the news that the chief legal ombudsman (“LeO”) has resigned from his post following what is believed to be a row over expenses claimed in the organisations yet to be published 2013/14 annual accounts.

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We’ve “never had it so good”: but is change afoot?


It’s now nearly 58 years since Prime Minister Harold Macmillan made his famous speech, which included the quote above.  He was talking then about the UK economy in 1957 but it could equally apply now to the VAT system in the UK.  “Never had it so good” – VAT? Really? Let me explain why, compared to the rest of Europe, our VAT system here is really generous by using a few examples.

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Christmas is not the time to be filling out your tax return

Hayley Stockwell

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Despite having every intention of getting the Christmas shopping out of the way early life has a habit of getting in the way and you still find yourself rushing around in the crowds on Christmas Eve.

The same applies to completing your tax return, with over half a million people filing theirs on the last possible day in January.

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Building the law firm of tomorrow

Peter Glading

I recently attended a seminar titled “Building the Law Firm of Tomorrow” organised by Barclays Bank in Ipswich. The speakers were Viv Williams, CEO of 360 Legal Group and Larking Gowen’s Jon Woolston. It was attended by over 30 local solicitors and covered a lot of topical issues and challenges currently facing law firms.

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