Legal Aid reforms – trouble ahead?

Martin Hales

The Government’s controversial legal aid reforms have been given the go-ahead after the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by the Law Society and practitioners groups.

This has far-reaching implications for the legal profession and whilst there is political opposition from Labour (which has pledged to reverse the position if elected) the Law Society is warning that if the plans go ahead ‘hundreds of firms’ could go out of business as a consequence of the ruling.

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Abolition of milk quota may carry a hidden benefit for farmers

Steven Rudd

One of the parcel of measures associated with the current reform of the Common Agricultural Policy is that milk quota, initially introduced in 1984, has finally been abolished. As a result, farmers will no longer be restricted in how much milk they can produce – although given the current parlous state of the milk market, this is not likely to be of huge immediate benefit to hard-pressed dairy farmers.

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