Technology and SRA Rules

Daniel Jefferson

As solicitors embrace technology and move towards a paperless office, how can they produce an electronic ‘chit’ that complies with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts Rule 2011 approval process without incurring large software upgrade costs?
As each accounts department in a firm of solicitors knows, these little pieces of paper can easily build up and can take up a vast amount of room.

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Head in the clouds?

Peter Glading

I absolutely loved Monty Python, although they did take the mickey out of chartered accountants! For many of you, it would have been before your time, but you can still see it on YouTube or read the sketch’s wording here.

Some years later, The Two Ronnies performed a similar sketch implying that accountants are boring.

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Insolvency Q&As part five – Creditor Q&As

Lee Green

Welcome to the fifth and final part of our Five Part blog covering the most frequently asked questions around Insolvency.

Part five will cover the most frequently asked questions by Creditors.

Part one covered General Insolvency
Part two covered questions by Business Owners and Company Directors
Part three covered Individuals and Sole Traders
Part four covered Employees

Should you require further advice about any of the topics covered in our blogs or regarding a specific scenario, please contact our business recovery specialists on 01603 624181.

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