An update on Brexit and implications for farmers

Ashley Smith

The UK’s choice to leave the European Union has both short and long term implications for British farmers and landowners.

Since the referendum result was announced in June, the pound has fallen significantly. This has facilitated an increase in crop prices, which – whilst still below the cost of production for many farms – will provide a welcome cash boost for any farmers with unsold produce from the 2016 harvest.

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The tax return paper deadline – a ghoulish reminder!

Hayley Stockwell

I am sure that we are all aware that next Monday is Hallowe’en and many of you will be making preparations; carving pumpkins, trying to find where you put the costumes and hoping that you can find them, so you don’t have to ruin yet another white sheet!

However, next Monday is significant for another reason – for those who want to complete a paper tax return, this is last date that these can be received by HMRC to avoid a late filing penalty.

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Making Tax Digital – make your voice heard!

Hayley Stockwell

I recently attended a workshop hosted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on their plans to ‘Make Tax Digital’. The idea of the workshop was to allow taxpayers and agents to give HMRC their views on the six consultations that are currently open.

Whilst the implications of Making Tax Digital are wide-reaching, the focus of our discussion was how this will affect businesses (which, according to HMRC, includes landlords) and the proposal that quarterly reporting will be needed from April 2018 for many.

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Basic Payment Scheme 2016 payments to increase

Terry Want

With lower crop prices in recent years, it will come as a gentle relief that the payments due to farmers from the 2016 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) will increase by 16.54% when compared to the 2015 scheme monies received.

In brief, this has resulted from a favourable euro to pound exchange rate, being used by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) for calculating BPS amounts due to those farmers choosing to be paid in sterling.

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Cycling and VAT

Brian Spooner

Since I was a lad I have, on and off, been a racing cyclist. I won a few races, became a club champion and once, memorably, rode 237 miles in 12 hours. Things change over the years, however, and recently I have not been able to ride without suffering some niggling pains. Despite all my years of cycling experience I haven’t been able to sort out the current problem myself.

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Using your customers to improve your business

Peter Glading

I read many articles, blogs etc., which relate to general business matters, marketing and business development. Many seem contradictory but if you drill down into them, and give it some thought, you can usually take something away to help develop your own business.

Client service

Do customers prefer quick service, or good service? A recent study categorically concludes that good service trumps quick service every time.

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