Cyber security – What can you do?

Chris Yeates

What is the threat?

There’s no doubt that cyber security is a significant threat to all charities. Despite this, a typical charity only spends a quarter of what a similar size business would spend on cyber security. A successful cyber-attack can leave a charity open to blackmail and ransom demands and can result in financial losses and reputational damage.

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Calculating holiday pay

Tessa Brown

Calculating holiday pay used to be a fairly simple calculation, based on the hours and rates as set out in the employment contract. However, a recent employment tribunal decision in Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Willetts held that voluntary overtime can amount to ‘normal remuneration’ for the purposes of calculating holiday pay.

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Casual wages for beaters on shoots

Thomas Bell

Running a shoot can be very enjoyable, although it does come with a number of pressures. Making sure that there is enough healthy game and praying for the right weather conditions are just a couple of worries faced, and then there are the financial commitments…

Minimum wages

The national living (minimum) wage for casual beaters is the same as for any other standard employee, rising in various intervals from £4.

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Take care when invoicing disbursements

Tim Duffield

Solicitors often incur costs on behalf of a client and charge these on in the form of disbursements. Disbursements arise when goods or services are supplied by a third party directly to the client. The solicitor normally acts as agent in respect of these supplies and makes payment on behalf of the client.

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