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Are renewables the answer to the “trilema”?

Earlier this week I chaired a round-table of the ICAEW Energy & Natural Resources Group. We had deliberately scheduled a discussion on UK government outlook and policy for the renewables sector, four weeks on from the general election. When planning, we didn’t know we’d have a new Energy Secretary in the form of Amber Rudd.

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ESOS guidance

Recently, through MHA, we pulled together a piece on the so-called “Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme”, or ESOS. You can find it here.

This requires a mandatory programme of energy audits for “large enterprises” and, though several months behind schedule, the regulator (in this case The Environment Agency) has finally issued some guidance.

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Public Money now Available for Domestic Heat Installations

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was first proposed in 2010, the idea being that householders and businesses (particularly rural ones and those off the main grid) relying on expensive oil or gas for heating needed some persuasion to switch to renewable energy alternatives. The first scheme (in the world, inevitably!), offers financial incentives for us to install low-carbon heating systems; and is part of the Government’s ongoing effort to influence our choices in this area and an effort to compensate the market for the difference in price between renewable and fossil fuel systems.

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