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Corporate Social Responsibility and applying it to your business

Peter Glading

Corporate Social Responsibility, or “CSR”, seems to have become a bit of a “buzz” word in recent times but what is it and can it really be applied to any size of business?

A quick look in the Google-sphere suggests it is an initiative to assess and take responsibility for the effect of the business on the environment and the impact on social welfare.

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Ten Peaks Challenge – Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Team Larking Gowen

I can’t believe how quickly this has come around. It only seems like yesterday that we started talking about doing the Ten Peaks Challenge and it is nearly upon us already. Only two weeks to go!

We are under no illusion that it is going to be a tough day. Although only 16 miles as the crow flies, in this part of the country most people would find that sort of distance achievable.

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Different Approaches to Training! But Which Will Pay Off?!

Team Larking Gowen

It’s now just over five weeks to go until the Ten Peaks challenge.

We all know that to succeed you need to prepare or ‘be prepared’, but who in Team Larking Gowen has been putting in the training time?

Will Chris Vines’ numerous hours of training in the gym be the right sort of training which will transfer well for this outdoor hill walking challenge, or will Lisa and Steve’s outdoor cycling and off road walking be better training?

Where do you find a suitable hill in our region? There is the huge UEA hill – all of 15 metres high or Gas Hill – 35 metres? I’ve repeatedly walked up and down the smallest of these and am planning to tackle (!) Gas Hill in the next week or so.

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Team Larking Gowen to take on the East Anglian Team Challenge to raise money for local charities

Team Larking Gowen

On Friday 13 June, Luke Morris, Steven Rudd, Lisa Daniels and Chris Vines from Larking Gowen (‘Team Larking Gowen’), will be setting off to the beautiful Lake District to represent the firm at the Barclay’s East Anglian Team Challenge.

So what is the Team Challenge? It is a gruelling 26 kilometre walk, aiming to scale 10 summits over 14 hours with a total height climbed of 2,500 metres (eight times the height of the Eiffel Tower) around the Lake District including climbing Scafell Pike which is the largest mountain in England.

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