Case study - DOL Norwich Limited - Business Acquisition

Case study - DOL Norwich Limited - Business Acquisition

The Deal

MHA Larking Gowen assisted in formulating a strategy to enable the rescue of the business and employment of staff of a well-known operator of managed offices and sought after venue for weddings and events. This involved delicate and complex negotiations with the company’s bank and eventually its liquidators in order to arrive at a creative and unusual financial arrangement for the acquisition by a new company,  Drayton Old Lodge Limited, to acquire the whole business and freehold property of DOL (Norwich) Limited (In liquidation).

Key highlight

We worked closely with all stakeholders to unwind a complex structure that was hampering business operations and growth to leave a business that was capable of being financially stable providing continued local employment for years to come.


John Barnard, shareholder of Drayton Old Lodge Limited, said:

“From the moment I started the process of unwinding the structure of the original business to completion some 9 months later MHA Larking Gowen and in particular Ian Nelson was there to help negotiate and guide me through the many pitfalls I experienced. Personally I don’t think I would have made it without them.”

Ian Nelson, MHA Larking Gowen Senior Manager, said:

“It was very satisfying to help an owner unshackle a good business from historic constraints and to see it flourishing as a result providing the owner with a range of options for the future. This clearly demonstrates that with the right plan and professional support it is possible to deal with otherwise daunting situations”

Our role

MHA Larking Gowen Corporate Finance Limited was asked to undertake the following work:

  • Feasibility study and strategy formulation;
  • Price guide calculation;
  • Negotiations with vendors and funders to agree price, terms and heads;
  • Advise on the commercial and tax structure for the acquisition;
  • Deal management.


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