Norfolk Pet Crematorium Limited

Norfolk Pet Crematorium Limited

The Deal

A family business since 2003, the company has provided a crematorium dedicated to providing a quality and empathetic service at the conclusion of a pet’s life. 

MHA Larking Gowen assisted in the successful sale of the shares to enable the owners to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. 

We worked closely with our client to help them realise the value contained in the business, whilst looking after their employees and helping to preserve this valuable facility for pet owners.

Key Highlight

We simplified the deal mechanism to give our clients certainty on price and helped structure a deal to extract maximum value from the transaction.


Susan & Kenny Bernard-Smith, joint owners of Norfolk Pet Crematorium Limited said:

“We really appreciated MHA Larking Gowen’s help, advice and support throughout the whole process. Their approach was friendly and at the same time extremely professional. They were able to increase the share price whilst also saving us a significant amount of tax. We would highly recommend MHA Larking Gowen.”

Ian Nelson, MHA Larking Gowen Senior Manager, said:

“When retiring, you only get one chance to be rewarded for all the hard work put into building up the business, so it was great to be able to guide Susan and Kenny through the sales process and ensure they maximised their return.”

Our Role

MHA Larking Gowen Corporate Finance was asked to undertake the following work:

  • Value the business
  • Advise on Heads of Terms
  • Negotiate with the buyer and their agents to agree the price paid at completion
    Handle financial due diligence enquiries
  • Advise on the commercial and tax structure for the realisation of the shares and
    extraction of associated activity prior to completion
  • Liaise with legal team and advising on financial and taxation warranties and
  • Prepare and agree completion accounts


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