James and Mark share impromptu views and ideas on topical business issues

Business advisory and mindfulness nerds, James Lay and Mark Curtis, are here to expel the ‘boring accountant’ stereotypes in this informative but fun series. They bounce around impromptu views and ideas on topical business issues, with random musical tie-ins thrown in for good measure along the way!

Originally launched to support businesses back in May 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the series has evolved to cover everything from the importance of mindfulness for leaders, psychology in business, how to get a good work life balance, managing cash, tax and sales, and mental health, to diversity in the workplace and more!

James and Mark use their combined 40 years of experience in business and their work as mindfulness and Mindshop coaches to help get advice out to business leaders, sidestepping the stuffy bits!

Some episodes will continue to be in response to government updates on COVID-19, breaking them down into easily digestible chunks, as well as episodes on how leaders should be looking to the future post-pandemic and how to navigate the changing landscape. There will also be unmissable special guest episodes; previous guests include former BBC journalist Simon Mundie, world renowned psychologist Owen Fitzpatrick, England Rugby Union legend Andy Nichol, and wellbeing expert Louise Newby.

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James and Mark say goodbye to 2021 with their top tips

for coping with the festive season, which can bring all

kinds of struggles for so many. 

Impromptu Business Chat is taking a short break, and James and Mark will

be back in early 2022 with some exciting news!

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'Diamond anniversary' special episode!


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Series one

Ep:IBC020 *Special guest episode* - Dr Chris Mason on Leadership Success

Ep:IBC019 Increase your energy levels (part 2 of 2) - Eat, sleep, run, repeat

Ep:IBC018 Find your mojo - So so, or mojo?

Ep:IBC017 Working in a ghost town - Pivot your business model for quieter town centres and more home working

Ep:IBC016 Sailing the Entrepreneur Ship - Help entrepreneurs start new businesses (part 2 of 2)

Ep:IBC015 How bad do you want it? - Turn your business from good to great

Ep:IBC014 Up your energy - Increase your energy levels (part 1 of 2)

Ep:IBC013 Trust me, I'm an employee - Improve trust within your team

Ep:IBC012 Lancing your blind spots - Identify your weaknesses and thrive

Ep:IBC011 Are you wedded to the norm? - Set your business apart from others

Ep:IBC010 Pay more what? - Increase sales and grow profits

Ep:IBC009 Ohh do the Covid Hokey Cokey! - Help businesses coming in and out of lockdown

Ep:IBC008 The Zone Rangers - Maximise your concentration levels and results

Ep:IBC007 All aboard the Entrepreneur Ship - Help entrepreneurs start new businesses (part 1 of 2)

Ep:IBC006 Business Resilience; Love it or hate it? - Build resilience in your business

Ep:IBC005 Stress, Drugs and Leadership Roles - Help the wellbeing of business leaders

Ep:IBC004 Picking the lock of lockdown - Reopen your business after lockdown

Ep:IBC003 The office is dead, long live the office! - Work effectively from home

Ep:IBC002 Pricing in a Pandemic - Set your prices during COVID-19

Ep:IBC001 To Furlough and Beyond - Use the job furlough scheme effectively