Business advisory: Two complimentary online training courses

Business advisory: Two complimentary online training courses

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Many of you will have read or heard of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ an acclaimed personal development book written by the legendary Stephen R. Covey. It’s a masterpiece of timeless principles and insights on how to be, well, more effective! Applying these habits is perhaps even more important during this COVID-19 crisis, and I’d like to highlight two habits that I feel are particularly relevant and offer you two complimentary online training courses as part of our business advisory services.

Habit number 3: Put First Things First

I use the words “COVID-19 crisis” because a crisis is precisely what this is for many businesses and people. Let’s not pretend it’s anything else. So during this period it’s essential we prioritise the way we spend our time. Begin with the urgent and important things, like furloughing staff where necessary, cutting costs wherever sensible, and being creative with our income streams. Check out our website for short videos on this:

Once you’ve taken care of the urgent tasks, focus on the important and non-urgent stuff, such as planning the future post COVID-19. Anything that isn’t urgent or isn’t important should be avoided or delegated wherever possible.

Habit number 7: Sharpen the Saw.

The metaphor is that time spent sharpening our personal “saw” will reduce the time and effort needed to cut down our “trees.” In other words, we need to continually upskill ourselves to make life more productive in the future.

So, why am I singling out these two habits? Well, once we’ve put first things first and resolved urgent and important issues arising from COVID-19, we should be doing the important and non-urgent things like sharpening our saws. We’re all likely to have a little bit of downtime at home over the coming weeks, so why not use this time productively?

To help you with this, I’m excited to advise that together with our business advisory partners, Mindshop, MHA Larking Gowen is offering our clients and contacts two complimentary online training courses!

Complimentary online training

These interactive online training courses are all video based with business advisory exercises for you to complete as you work your way through them. What’s more, you get to choose which courses are most relevant to you and your business, and there’s absolutely no cost or obligation.

So, what are the online training courses? There really is something for everyone, so here’s a summary:

Business Intuition: Intuition is 50% of the strategy development and problem-solving process used by entrepreneurs; the other 50% are logic tools such as a decision matrix or a force field analysis. It’s essential that business leaders learn how to develop and access their intuition.

Change Success: This course focuses on how you can boost your probability of change success with regard to a specific change initiative.

Coaching/Developing People: Learn how to coach people to make sure they achieve their full potential. Discover how to adapt your coaching approach to different people and instill the key tools and methodologies to help them to achieve their goals.

Developing Strategy in Volatile Times: Very apt in today’s COVID-19 crisis. This course focuses on tools and thinking to help develop strategies and actions to make sure your business remains strategically in the game.

Entrepreneur Course: Entrepreneurship includes designing, launching and running a new business. This course will help you learn and apply the key elements of being an entrepreneur.

Growth Strategy: Understand the fundamentals of how to accelerate growth in your business.

Leadership Development: Discover how to be an effective leader regardless of your role or seniority in a business. This course focuses on implementation of leadership principles and how to be a good leader in a volatile and unpredictable marketplace.

Lean Management: Find out about a myriad of tools to promote lean thinking and continuous improvement across any organisation to improve efficiency and quality.

Personal Growth: Learn how to accelerate your personal growth to improve life balance and energy levels and to clarify your purpose.

Problem Solving: Discover how to make more robust decisions, how to rank the priority of key issues and a powerful sequence of tools to take a strategy into action.

Profit Improvement: Understand how to improve the profitability of any business by removing up to 30% of the inefficiencies (waste) that occur every day.

Project Team Implementation: Find out how to set up and implement project teams successfully in an organisation to drive change.

Sales Performance: Discover how to accelerate sales performance in any organisation.

Sales Process: Learn the fundamental processes to monitor and drive sales in any organisation.

Self Confidence: Discover the tools and processes to overcome negative self-talk, self-sabotage and fears while mapping out a clear plan to boost your levels of self-confidence.

Strategic Planning: Shape the direction of your business by establishing where it is now, where you want to get to, and how you’re going to get there.

Time Management: No matter who we are, our social position, our personal wealth or our qualifications, we are all issued with only 24 hours every day, or 168 hours per week. No one gets any more. Learn how to prioritise effectively.

Personal resilience: Bounce back from adversity and become more ‘bullet proof’.


How to enrol

We do hope you’ll make use of this fantastic opportunity to learn new skills without cost or obligation to you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To enrol, simply email and let us know your full name, business name, email address and which two complimentary online training courses you would like to study.

All requests must be received by noon on 31 May 2020, and all complimentary online training courses will be made available for use until 5pm on 30 October 2020.

James Lay

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