Complimentary business coaching call

Complimentary business coaching call

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Support for business owners has never been more important than right now. You may have already registered for our two free business advisory online training courses, no strings attached. If you haven’t already taken advantage of that offer, just follow this link. 

Now we’re also offering business owners a free 60-minute business coaching call. We recognise that many businesses are struggling to find their feet in an evolved marketplace. We’d like to help as many businesses as we can to successfully navigate through this crisis.  

Almost all businesses will be navigating through three phases: 

  • Survive: What do we need to do to make sure the business survives? 
  • Adapt: What strategies need to change? Does our business model or delivery need to adapt and what are our products/services for the evolved marketplace? 
  • Thrive: How do we make sure our business is on the front foot as we emerge from the crisis and the markets return? 

Making sure that the right actions and decisions are taken at the right time is crucialThis is where one of our business coaches can provide invaluable help and support.  

The complimentary 60-minute business coaching call will explore: 

  1. Which of the three phases you are in now 
  2. Where you are aiming to get to and how you can achieve this 
  3. What your specific actions and deadlines will be 
  4. How we will motivate you to deliver on your actions 

To arrange your complimentary business coaching call with one of our accredited business advisors, simply email us at with your full name, business name and contact details, and we will be in touch to arrange a convenient time. 

Mark Curtis 

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