Have you downloaded your 2019 NHS Pension statement?

Have you downloaded your 2019 NHS Pension statement?

Monday, 30 September 2019

NHS Pensions have advised that the 2019 Total Reward Statements and Annual Benefit Statements are now available to download.

There are two ways you can view your statement:

  • Using GOV.UK Verify
  • Using ESR Employee Self Service

To be able to access the statement via GOV.UK Verify you should use this link and follow directions on screen.

What type of statement will you receive?

You will receive either a Total Reward Statement or an Annual Benefit Statement. The type of statement you will receive is based on your circumstances.

Total Reward Statement (TRS)

This is available for NHS Pension scheme members working in NHS organisations that use the Electronic Staff Record System (ESR).

The TRS summarises your employment package including basic pay, allowances and pension benefits.

Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)

The ABS is available to NHS Pension scheme members working in approved non-NHS organisations, smaller NHS organisations (such as GP practices) or NHS organisations that do not use ESR.

Why should you access your statement?

TRS and ABS will provide you with an overview of your pension benefits up to 31 March each year.  The information contained in the statements is based on information provided to NHS Pensions by your employer each year and so by downloading your statement you’re able to review the information contained and make sure it’s accurate. It’s essential that the information is accurate as when you come to draw your pension your benefits will be based on this information.

The statement will also give you an estimate of your pension benefits and an idea of how these benefits are building up over time. It’s important to continuously monitor your pension benefits to make sure you’re saving enough for your retirement.

How can we help?

At MHA Larking Gowen we have dedicated medical teams based in Colchester and Norwich with in-depth knowledge of the NHS Pension scheme. We offer services whereby we can review your statement and its accuracy.

Since the introduction of the tapered annual allowance in 2016/17 we’ve seen many clients facing large unexpected tax bills as a result of changes in legislation. We can review your position for the current year as well as previous years and provide a report on the accuracy of your pension benefits and any exposure to additional tax charges. We can then monitor this year on year to aid future planning.

If you would like to have a free initial consultation to discuss your circumstances, please get in touch. Call 0330 024 0888 or email

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