Plan to reach your business goals

Plan to reach your business goals

Monday, 18 September

Summer seems to go by quicker every year, and it’s hard to believe that the children have already been back at school for a couple of weeks. Now they’re rested they can continue their journey to fulfilling their potential, and it could be the same for your business.

A chance to reflect

If we’re refreshed from a summer break, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that has passed so far. Act upon any business opportunities that presented themselves earlier in the year, and move on from the things that haven’t gone well.

Short-term goals

It’s a great chance to make some short-term goals for your business; maybe to reach a certain sales target by Christmas. You’re much more likely to reach a goal if you make one, and a short-term focus can reap big results.

Once you’ve identified your short-term plan, think of three ways you can achieve this and focus some of your energy on this.

Likewise, if your year isn’t going as well as you would have hoped, there’s still time to turn this around with thorough planning.

Longer-term goals

The summer break may have given you time to think about the things that really matter and longer-term plans. Perhaps you’ve decided you only want to trade for five more years, or that you want to open another shop in a different location. To achieve these goals, proper planning needs to happen.

If you want to sell your business, then there are a number of things you can do years in advance to enhance the value, which we can advise you on.

If you’re expanding, you may need finance. You’ll certainly need solid cash flow and profit projections. Reach out to your trusted business advisors to make sure that expanding won’t have a massive operational or tax effect.

At Larking Gowen, it’s important to us to know what your goals are, no matter how short- or long-term, so we can help you plan.

So if the summer break has made you think about your business differently, contact me on 01603 937883 or for a free, no obligation meeting.


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