Support for Every Child Online campaign

Support for Every Child Online campaign

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

MHA Larking Gowen is pleased to support the Every Child Online campaign, spearheaded by Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk Community Foundation, with a donation of £3,300.

The campaign was launched in January 2021 to make sure every school age child in Norfolk has a digital device and internet connection, so they can embrace online learning from home.

Claire Cullens, chief executive of Norfolk Community Foundation, says, “As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our young people are having to learn from home, which is hard enough without a teacher and friends alongside you. But it’s impossible if you don’t have access to an appropriate computer or connectivity. 

“So far, the Every Child Online campaign has delivered nearly 4,000 devices to Norfolk schools, with more on order, to ensure that every school age child will have the technology they need.” 

Businesses and individuals have been asked to donate money to the campaign, so that new equipment can be bought, or to donate pre-used equipment, which can be refurbished. The devices are provided to schools who distribute them to the children in their cohort who need them. 

Whilst the campaign has achieved massive success since its launch, there’s still some way to go. “We’re continuing to uncover more and more need, with many of our young people still struggling with online learning because they don’t have proper access to a suitable computer or tablet,” adds Claire. “For example, we spoke to one teenager who was having to wait for her mum to return home from work so she could use her smartphone to get online. This is simply not fair.”

Julie Grimmer, managing partner of MHA Larking Gowen, comments, “Providing support to our local communities is a key part of our ethos as a business and we’re always looking for ways to help. Every year we employ trainees straight out of sixth-form, so we understand the challenges that young people face. These challenges have been hugely exacerbated by the pandemic and subsequent closure of schools and colleges. We’re proud to play a part to make sure that no child in Norfolk is disadvantaged because they don’t have access to the technology they need for online learning.”

If you’d like to make a donation to the Every Child Online appeal, please visit the Norfolk Community Foundation website. Alternatively, please make a cheque payable to Norfolk Community Foundation (referencing the Every Child Online campaign) and send it to Norfolk Community Foundation, St. James Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich, NR3 1TN, or telephone us on 01603 623958.

MHA Larking Gowen has also donated £1,500 to the Suffolk Community Foundation and Essex Community Foundation.


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