Business Insight Chat with Maria Veronese

Business Insight Chat with Maria Veronese

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

This week’s chat is a real eye opener. Engagement with media can be make or break for some businesses – ever wondered what it suggests when you say “no comment”? Experienced journalist, and owner of Mediapro, Maria Veronese lets you in on what the journalist really thinks when you say that, and why it’s always best to try and take control, particularly if you find yourself at the center of a PR disaster! Mediapro offers media training to help business leaders learn how to talk confidently on the record, sticking to key points, and how to get your point or story across effectively. As Maria explains; “an interview is just a conversation with a purpose”.

As a regular face on BBC Look East, Maria offers insight on the difference between what she calls ‘PR puff’ and an actual news story, and how it’s always important to be transparent. Maria is also passionate about flexible working, particularly for working parents, and those with caring responsibilities, something she embraces in her role on the Board of Directors at the East of England Co-op.

Ian also asks Maria about the approach local news took during lockdown, and she explains how it was so important to help keep communities informed and connected. She also looks back on the stories in her career which were hard to cover, and how these stories can impact the journalist.

Learning how to embrace the media in your business will be key as we move out of lockdown, and into the new normal, which includes the world of 24 hours news, which has been bolstered by the events of the last year. You might find yourself in need of some media training one day, and Maria offers a peek behind the curtain into what you need to consider, and why.

You can learn about Mediapro and their services here

Catch Maria’s ‘Auntie’s Bloomers’ moment, and encounter with the ostriches here!

You can visit the Co-op here

Maria's views are her own, and are not those of the BBC. 

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