Business Insights Chat with Mark Goldspink, CEO of Purcell

Business Insights Chat with Mark Goldspink, CEO of Purcell

Tuesday, 02 February 2021


In our second episode, partner Ian Fitch talks to Mark Goldspink, CEO of Purcell, a firm of architects, heritage consultants and master planners. Purcell specialises in historical builds, having worked on projects including Big Ben and The National Gallery. They chat about how Mark and his team coped with the challenges that the first lockdown brought, including a complete stop on the travel that was a key component of their operation, and how this will now change how they approach their travel, particularly globally, moving forward. Mark reflects on the ‘five years of learning in one’ that has impacted changes to their agile working policy and communication, and how important resilience has been in his team during the past year.

Mark unveils the key to his success as a business leader; having respect for everybody and trusting your employees – this thinking cemented by the recent announcement that Mark is steering Purcell towards transference to an employee-owned business.

This really is a fascinating insight into the mind of a business leader working in both a creative and commercial industry, and how the two can work hand in hand successfully.

You can learn more about the work Purcell does here.

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