Special interview with Owen Fitzpatrick, a practical guide to psychology in business

Special interview with Owen Fitzpatrick, a practical guide to psychology in business

Friday, 30 April 2021

Mark and James welcome special guest, TEDx Talk presenter and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) legend, Owen Fitzpatrick! They chat about the language of leadership, the science of decision making, reframing the language we use to motivate and positively influence ourselves and those around us, and how this applies to businesses!

As a qualified psychologist, Owen has coached more than 10,000 clients and worked with numerous large global corporate brands to help them perform more effectively, including professional sports stars, Olympic athletes, and billionaires!

Owen shares a fascinating insight into self-talk, practical neuroscience and the world of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This chat really encourages you to think about your own strategies and which words and phrases work for you personally and professionally. Understanding how these language patterns can motivate us also applies to how your team operates and can even be used in your sales and marketing strategies.

This is a must-listen for all business owners, or anyone wanting to learn more about how understanding ourselves better can help us work smarter!

(Please note, this episode was recorded in January 2021)

Owen’s podcast, Changing Minds, is well worth a listen and provides rapid-fire solutions on topics such as Leadership, Influence, Charisma, Persuasion, Sales, Coaching, and Presentation Skills. The podcast also includes ‘work of’ episodes, where Owen reviews the work of ‘thought leaders’ in business and psychology.

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