Special interview episode with Simon Mundie

Special interview episode with Simon Mundie

Friday, 29 January 2021

On this week’s exciting episode of Impromptu Business Chat, Mark and James are thrilled to welcome broadcaster and presenter Simon Mundie.

Simon has been a presenter on BBC Radio 1, and has covered sporting events like Wimbledon as well as a number of large music events. In more recent years, Simon has been hosting BBC Radio 4’s critically acclaimed Don’t Tell Me The Score, which uses sport to explore life’s bigger questions. He has interviewed many of the most well known and successful people on the planet including Caitlyn Jenner, Jonny Wilkinson, Michael Johnson and even a former bank robber turned professional ironman - as well as psychologists, neuroscientists and former Buddhist monks.

He explores life themes including addiction, self-acceptance and tribalism, and we discuss the lessons he's learnt from his interviews to see how we can apply this to the world of business.

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Listen to the chat with Simon here!


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