The power of podcasts! Interview with Rob Lawrence

The power of podcasts! Interview with Rob Lawrence

Friday, 28 May 2021

Why should your business embrace audio? Special interview with audio expert and coach, Rob Lawrence

How we build relationships with our customers, clients and contacts during the last year has changed dramatically. Podcasts have helped many business leaders reach their audience during the pandemic. They have helped fill the void where physical connection was almost eliminated, and in celebration of their 50th episode, James and Mark decided to reflect on why they chose to start Impromptu Business Chat, and chat to their audio expert producer, and owner of Podcast Plus, Rob Lawrence, on why businesses need to embrace audio.

Fundamentally podcasts are about relationships. They are also leverage in developing existing connections. Podcasts allow you to “have an intimate conversation with a football stadium of people!”

Rob is a qualified audio producer, podcaster and certified coach, helping creative entrepreneurs, high achieving professionals and business leaders embrace the power of sound and broadcast to get their message out; he helps those whose truths and passions are worth listening to!

As the world we live and do business in changes, business is not just about having a statement anymore, it’s about having an ongoing dialogue with your audience, and podcasts are a great way to have a conversation with your audience. An episode is an invitation to start a conversation, and this is why the podcast world is becoming more popular and relevant, and important for business leaders; whether they listen to the content of others or create their own.

As podcast audiences broaden and grow, this chat will help anyone struggling to understand and embrace the changes in the media landscape for businesses and why they should be, and those keen to step into the podcast world themselves.

Rob also offers a personal insight into his own journey with his mental health in the corporate world, and what led him to pursue his passion for audio and coaching. He states that knowing how you best absorb the world, means you can then jump into something you love, instead of doing something you just ‘like’ – his insights are particularly relevant now, as many people face huge shifts in their roles at work, changes in how they work as a result of the pandemic, and may be looking to make a leap of their own.

You can learn more about the work Rob does by listening to his podcast Inspirational Creatives or visit his website here if you want to know more about starting your own podcast.

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