Tourism Business Chat with Thursford

Tourism Business Chat with Thursford

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Series 2 launches with a real treat – a behind the curtains look at Thursford, famous for its Christmas Spectacular show, weddings and more. A favourite of locals, tourists, and celebrities alike!

Looking back on March 2020, brothers Charlie (General Manager) and George (Project and Marketing Manager) Cushing were positive and thinking, “Thank goodness the pandemic isn’t happening at Christmas!” Cut to December 2020, and they’ve had to plan and orchestrate a completely new, and equally thrilling, theatre-esque experience for their loyal fan-base.

They have a fascinating story to tell. They set out on a journey where they could continue to support other local businesses by minimising the knock-on effect that cancelling their annual event would have on the local economy, and the team of professional performers they hire. The arts have been hit massively by lockdown, and they were determined to provide much needed opportunities where they could.

They also reflect on the history of Thursford, and how it started with steam engines and broken down fairground rides; what life on furlough was like, whilst keeping future plans in mind; the lessons they have learned about communication, keeping the ‘family feel’ to the business, playing to peoples strengths; and how to diversify quickly! Whilst they are planning for the worst, and hoping for the best for 2021, their youthful energy and fresh ideas are infectious, providing a much-needed jolt of hope for the future of the arts, and tourism in Norfolk.

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You can visit Thursford's website here.

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