Coronavirus updates and useful resources from
MHA Larking Gowen

MHA Larking Gowen have been working on numerous blogs, videos and brochures to give businesses the latest advice on the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Download our current business support brochure from the hub, which is being updated daily and includes all government guidance. 

Guiding you through the ever-changing financial world

"MHA Larking Gowen have been our key business advisor for over 25 years. They really take the time to understand us and our business."

Richard Coller, Pertwee and Back Ltd.


Lancing your blind spots

This week, James and Mark reflect on how ignoring your blind spots can have a painful impact on your profits.

Witnessing wills virtually

There has been a significant change to the law on witnessing wills. Prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Justice has announced a temporary change to the way that wills can be validly witnessed.

What's it like to sell a business?

This webinar will help those who are thinking of selling their business and will cover minimising tax on sale proceeds and post-sale matters, with a guest speaker who talks about their experience of selling their business. 


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