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"MHA Larking Gowen have been our key business advisor for over 25 years. They really take the time to understand us and our business."

Richard Coller, Pertwee and Back Ltd.


How effective trustees can manage conflict

Welcome to month 11 of our publication, Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Change – A Guide for Embracing, Managing and Mitigating Conflict Within Your Charity. This month we focus on how effective trustees and others within the charity can manage conflict and what to do when conflict arises.

Holding effective business meetings

We all know the feeling of being in a business meeting we couldn’t see any benefit in attending. We’re stuck in a loop of people discussing (or arguing) their side of the story. All structure has gone out of the window and the only bright side is the offering of biscuits, presumably to give a sugar boost to get everybody through safely to the end!

Wills and probate: a recent lesson

It was worrying to read recently that Lloyds Bank has discovered thousands of customers’ wills stored in its ‘safe custody’ service, which was closed to new customers in 2011. This situation is a good reminder to anyone making a will or who already has a will.  Read on for advice on avoiding the pitfalls.


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