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Client Portal

Using our secure, encrypted document portal you can easily send us your documents without the need to worry about:

  • Email attachment limits.
  • Your un-encrypted email message being intercepted.
  • The costs of postage.
  • The impact on the environment.
  • Walking to the post box.

Using the Portal we can also send documents securely to you for electronic approval, you can review the document using any device connected to the internet and send us approval at the click of a button.

Larking Gowen are using software which enables us to upload documents to an electronic portal which clients can access. The document is securely uploaded to a hosted environment (or digital solutions as people are now calling it) and an email notification is sent to you advising you that there is a document for your attention. This email will be sent to your usual nominated email address. You will be able to access and view documents published via the portal website and also send us your supporting documents.

We have made this change as digital communication has its advantages in terms of speed, efficiency and impact on the environment. We no longer consider email sufficiently secure to send sensitive personal information and it is likely that sending such information by email will be prohibited in the future. Once uploaded you will be able to approve, change the status of, or respond, to those documents. 

This will allow digital/electronic signatures to provide a seamless end-to-end sign off process. Documents may be withdrawn from the portal at any time; this will usually be after 30 days of the document being uploaded. We would suggest you download any document at the time of signing for your future reference.

All you need is:

  • Access to the internet.
  • A scanner, digital camera or camera phone (for uploading documents only).


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