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We are proud of the work we do and totally committed to great service. Here is a small selection of the positive feedback we have received from our clients.

Our Partners can provide more examples for your area of interest. 

Desira are a multi-franchise dealership with sites throughout East Anglia and in London.  The group generated turnover in excess of £85m in 2015 and  employs over 240 people.  MHA Larking Gowen have been our auditors since 2009 and since then have provided us with additional services including the valuation of, and how to account for, a new share option scheme as well as tax planning advice and systems reviews. 

We chose MHA Larking Gowen for their professional service and competitive pricing.  We feel we have received excellent advice through the years and really value the personal relationship we have developed through regular meetings.

Founded in 1976, Stebbings Car Centre Limited has become one of the most respected and successful Car Supermarkets in the UK recently opening our latest site in Norwich. We chose MHA Larking Gowen to be our auditors and business advisors because of the depth of their technical and practical experience in helping growing businesses like us achieve our business goals.

We have developed a close working relationship with the team at MHA Larking Gowen who are always on hand to assist us with any queries or opportunities which arise big or small, providing us with peace of mind and guiding us through the technicalities and potential pitfalls. 

MHA Larking Gowen have been our key business advisor for over 30 years. They really take the time to understand us and our business. I know that they are on hand when I need them. They not only take away the stress and burden of Government red tape, so I can get on with running the business, but they are always there offering advice just when its needed.


"We have been working with MHA Larking Gowen, and in particular Becky Ames, for a lot of years now and they have seen us grow over the last 5 years since our move to a new purpose-built store.

They have advised and supported us on various accounting subjects such as tax/tax returns, family partnerships, management accounting and our plans for the future growth of our business.

In recent months we have been discussing yearly budgeting and with Becky’s help we will be putting this into practice shortly.

We have a very good relationship with Becky and her team, she is a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend her or MHA Larking Gowen."


"Having previously used a small Accountants Company that merged with MHA Larking Gowen, we were somewhat nervous of dealing with a larger Company, and losing the very personal approach we had been used to previously.

However over the past 10 years, there is no doubt we would not been able to focus on our business growth without the ongoing advise and personal support from MHA Larking Gowen. Our growth from a relatively small business to where we are today came with several challenges from payroll to HMRC queries and all departments have provided us with accurate and professional advice for us to deal with all these issues.

Thank you for all your invaluable help thus far and look forward to the next 10 years."

As the process of Members' Voluntary Liquidation draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank you personally for the excellent services you and MHA Larking Gowen have provided in taking forward the liquidation of the above company.

By setting out clearly at the start the procedures, required actions and information requirements that would be needed, it gave a shared understanding of the respective responsibilities.

Your support, advice and guidance, through prompt responses to letters and phone calls, provision of documentation etc, ensured a stress free resolution of issues and concerns raised by clients who were unfamiliar with the operational details of an MVL.

It has been a pleasure to work with MHA Larking Gowen. A very effective service has been delivered to time and to cost, giving excellent value for money.

Yours sincerely

Brian H Strowger

Over the past few years, our business has grown and developed quite extensively which has brought various issues with it along the way. Whilst the majority have been positive, it is without a doubt as a result of working with MHA Larking Gowen, that we have been able to grow and develop the business to where it is today.

We feel that MHA Larking Gowen really understands our business and works with us in helping us achieve our goals and, together with their all round knowledge, we now do not have to seek advice from various sources.

All in all, we are delighted with the professionalism and advice we have received.

Over the past few years Martin Bugg and MHA Larking Gowen have been a key part of my business helping me in the decisions I have taken. It is without doubt that the help that Martin has offered has resulted in assisting me in getting my business to where it is today. I feel that Martin understands my business and helps me in achieving my goals. 

If you are a driven and ambitious business owner whose business is growing and taking up an increasing amount of your time, you need to get in touch with Martin at MHA Larking Gowen. 

"It is such a relief to know that we are sorted and are not going to be hit with a big bill!

I am from an accounting background but would not know where to start with Capital Gains, you have made the experience a joy - thank you!"

About 11 years ago, after my father died, I was in need of some tax advice. As I knew of MHA Larking Gowen from my days working on a large farm estate, I went to them.

During the past 11 years I have used their services to sort out my tax affairs and, since my husband became self-employed in 2000, we have had his books audited annually by them as well.

In all this time we have been treated with great courtesy and respect from Mr Tim Angell, who deals with our affairs. His letters/telephone calls are always informative and to the point and his advice most helpful. I have never felt intimidated by him or talked down to. He is a pleasure to deal with on all matters.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him, or indeed MHA Larking Gowen to deal with any tax or accounting matters.

We have utilised the MHA Larking Gowen payroll services for 5 years and have never regretted the decision to outsource this area. The efficiency, accuracy and cooperation of Larking Gowen staff is excellent and all at a true value for money rate.

Andrew Kitchen

Following the recent completion of the Timchris reorganization, I just wanted to place on record our appreciation of the advice and assistance provided by you and your colleagues at MHA Larking Gowen. 

This was a transaction of very great importance to the family, with substantial amounts involved and difficult legal and taxation issues including a very challenging international dimension.

Your role in guiding the transaction to a successful conclusion was invaluable, and we are very grateful.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Place

I am Damien O’Connor MD of one US and several small UK companies.

We engaged MHA Larking Gowen as our accountants a few years ago and our board was ecstatic to at last find what every business dreams of – an accountancy firm who gets to grips with and contributes first hand in making a positive difference.

One of the main issues we were involved in was an Inland Revenue investigation that had inexorably mashed us to pulp over a two year period with a £90,000 assessment. LG took over with the quiet confidence of true professionals and proceeded to position their expertise and exert influence.

Entirely due to the refreshing intervention of LG, led by partner Ian Fitch and supported by senior tax advisor Roger Jones – this assessment has been whittled down by more than two thirds the original amount, along with implementing an imaginative and creative ‘one off accounting charge’ that has provided ongoing future benefits stored for the years ahead.

LG also got their crack team to grips with our book keeping, budgeting and business planning, analysis and forecasting with vigour and enthusiasm.

For the first time in fifteen years of being in business, I and my fellow directors are able to concentrate on what we are good at, selling and improving the service we offer, while confidently knowing we are supported by total, caring and professional financial expertise.

Only through deserving companies being proposed for and winning industry awards, will other client businesses see deserved recognition and thereby convey outstanding ability behind the scenes that could possibly otherwise go unnoticed. When excellence exists it should be held high as the example. If there are publicly identifiable standards and awards of meaning and value, these serve the business community at large.

Settling for mediocrity at best and total frustration at worst – when instead business leaders could have their accounting expectations exceeded and work with complimentary expertise as real partners, is the distinction of meritorious award.

I wholeheartedly propose MHA Larking Gowen and am happy to do so in writing and or in person.

Damian O'Connor

At Capron & Helliwell we pride ourselves on offering a truly professional service with excellent advice to all our clients. We are equally committed to ensuring our business processes and computer systems operate to the highest standards. With cyber risk ever increasing and GDPR legislation introduction it becomes ever more critical to protect both our clients and our business systems data.

When approached by Martin Bugg at MHA Larking Gowen to stress test our current systems using their independent Rizikon Assessment programme we felt this was a golden opportunity to enhance our overall Corporate Governance strategy.

The online questionnaire was not unduly complicated and, where necessary, we worked with our third party computer services supplier to complete the questions relating to the more technical aspects of our computer operating systems .

The results confirmed that we were not best in class in certain areas which has allowed us to review and make improvements as suggested. Are we happy with the outcome?Certainly.  Have these recommended changes enhanced our business processes and strengthened our protection systems?  “Certainly.

We feel by carrying out this audit our exposure to business risk has been minimised, our compliance with GDPR has been enhanced and the whole experience will reinforce the continued success of the practice.

David Loombe

Business Adviser, Capron & Helliwell

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