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Boost your health, wealth and self! 

For four years, our expert business advisors, Mark Curtis, James Lay and Becky Ames delivered podcast gold, first on the original pandemic based Impromptu Business Chat, and then on the new Leadership & Life Chat.

They wanted to discuss what really makes a great leader, and offer free tips and advice on how to improve your leadership skills and wellbeing in general. In each episode, they discussed a different topic, and provided their now infamous top 3 tips on how to implement these into your everyday routines to boost your health, wealth and self! 

The series also featured very special guests at the top of their field, with subjects ranging from climate change to A.I, and marketing to Havening Technique. Our intrepid hosts picked their guests’ brains to uncover their key messages, understand what it took for them to get to the top, and how this can be applied to our own lives and successes.

It was more than just a business podcast - it was, more often than not, about the wider philosophical implications our careers have on our lives, and the lives of those around us. The series wrapped up production in April 2024 after founding host Mark retired from the world of work, but all episodes from the very first lock-down Impromptu Business Chat series, right though to the last Leadership & Life Chat are still available. Just scroll down to listen!

Watch the LAST EVER episode 

Listen to our featured episodes below

Impromptu Business Chat launched back in May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 lockdowns. James and Mark, both trusted business advisors and experts in mindfulness, decided they wanted to offer a free support tool to local business owners and managers who were navigating the new way of working, and the financial strains the economy was facing. This evolved over time, offering both business and mental wellbeing advice. In 2021 we pivoted and launched Leadership & Life Chat as the world began to return to some normality and James and Mark wanted to focus on general business and wellbeing topics. There is still some great value to be found in the original series, and some of the discussions are still relevant now in the world of hybrid working, and continuing global issues. 

Ep1: To Furlough and Beyond - Use the job furlough scheme effectively

Ep2: Pricing in a Pandemic - Set your prices during COVID-19

Ep3: The Office Is Dead, Long Live The Office - Work effectively from home

Ep4: Picking The Lock of Lockdown - Reopen your business after lockdown

Ep5: Stress, Drugs and Leadership Roles - Help the wellbeing of business leaders

Ep6: Business Resilience; Love It or Hate It - Build resilience in your business

Ep7: All aboard the Entrepreneur Ship - Help entrepreneurs start new businesses (part 1 of 2)

Ep8: The Zone Rangers - Maximise your concentration levels and results

Ep9: Ohhh do the Covid Hokey Cokey! - Help businesses coming in and out of lockdown

Ep10: Pay more tax...So what? - Increase sales and grow profits

Ep11: Are you wedded to Norm? - Set your business apart from others

Ep12: Lancing your blind spots - Identify your weaknesses and thrive

Ep13: Trust me, I'm an employee - Improve trust within your team

Ep14: Up Your Energy - Increase your energy levels (part 1 of 2)

Ep15: How bad do you want it?! - Turn your business from good to great

Ep16: Sailing the Entrepreneur Ship - Help entrepreneurs start new businesses (part 2 of 2)

Ep17: Working In a Ghost Town - Pivot your business model for quieter town centers and more home working

Ep18 - So so, or mojo? - find your mojo

Ep19: Eat, sleep, run, repeat - Increase your energy levels (part 2 of 2)

Ep20: Interview with Dr Chris Mason on Leadership Success

Ep21: Manage Your Time Effectively - The Time Lords

Ep22: Make The Right Decisions - I'm not indecisive... am I?

Ep23: Tackling diversity in the workplace - Special guest episode with Andy Nicol and Sue Liburd MBE

Ep24: Drive sales in Lockdown: Navigating the Income Stream

Ep25: Handling Disappointment - You can't always get want you want...

Ep26: The Art of Listening - come on feel the noise

Ep27: Interview with Louise Newby on Mental Health & Wellbeing

Ep28: How to drive lasting change - a change will do you good

Ep29: Make the right decision (part 2) - Mind over matter

Ep30: Negotiation Skills: Everything is a negotiation

Ep31: How to succeed with New Year Resolutions - WOOP there it is!

Ep32: Formation of Teams - There's no "I" in team (but there is "me"!)

Ep33: The Power of Storytelling - I wanna tell you a story!

Ep34: Special interview episode with Simon Mundie

Ep35: Does self-help work? Knowledge isn't power

Ep36: Avoiding video call fatigue - I've got the video blues

Ep37: Improve your sleeping habits - Don't sleep on the job!

Ep38: Special interview episode with Damian Horner: The Dark Art of Marketing

Ep39: Managing growth out of lockdown; Cash is king

Ep40: Business Life After COVID-19: Avoiding the lockdown hangover

Ep41: Find your work life balance: Have a break, have a chit chat

Ep42: Interview with professional dare-devil, Freddie Bennett!

Ep43: Family Business Success; Keep it in the family

Ep44: Embracing technology in business - Techno friend or technophobe?

Ep45: Body language and rapport building in the video age : Look into my eyes, not around my eyes...

Ep46: An interview with Owen Fitzpatrick – a practical guide to psychology in business

Ep47: Do you run your business or does your business run you? Keep it simple stupid!

Ep48: Readjusting from furlough life: from furlough to all go!

Ep49: Find meaning in your work: Meaningful May

Ep50: The power of podcasts! Why should your business embrace audio? with Rob Lawrence

Ep51: Men's Mental Health Special

Ep52: Conquering Covid related anxiety

Ep53: Business, Wellbeing and Environmental Hacks: I want to ride my bicycle

Ep54 - Artificial Intelligence and Business Communication - I like big buts

Ep55: An Interview with Susannah Brade-Waring 'The Business Motivator'

Ep56 - Office energy - how to invigorate your desk job!

Ep57: Making Work More Enjoyable, Easier & Fun - Easy like Monday morning

Ep58 Managing hybrid teams in a post furlough world - The future is hybrid!

Ep59 Attracting and retaining the best talent in a post Covid-19 lock-down world

Ep60 - Interview with former RAF Fighter Pilot & Executive Officer of the Red Arrows Dan Lowes

SPECIAL EPISODE! Celebrating 60 episodes, our 'Diamond anniversary'

Ep61 - Neutral thinking for positive performance: Inspiration from the late great Trevor Moawad

Ep62 - Preparing your business for sale - Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Ep63 - Time Management in a hybrid-working post-covid world - The times they are a changin'

Ep64 - Interview with Paul McVeigh - the power of beliefs in business

Ep65 - Does your business stand out from the crowd? Make your business advantage sustainable

Ep66 - Climate vs Commerce: 3 Sustainability Truths Every Business Should Know

Ep 67 - Is 2021 the year of burnout in business? - Under Pressure

Ep 68 - 'The Sober Exec' - Chris Anthony on how to navigate sobriety in corporate drinking culture

Ep 69 - Leadership in the face of Omicron: Harder, better, faster, stronger!

Ep70 - Lonely this Christmas - How to cope with the pressure of Christmas


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