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Leadership & Life Chat - Obstacle or opportunity? How to positively reframe your thinking

Do you view a problem as an obstacle or an opportunity? How you answer this question can define and set you apart as a leader, in life and business.

Inspired by Ryan Holiday’s book The Obstacle is the Way, James and Mark dive into how fear can equal disaster in business, and how our state of mind can be reprogrammed to find the positives.

There will always be problems, but how we handle them can make us stronger. We can relearn how to handle tough situations, increase motivation (which is not the same as discipline!) and avoid catastrophe.

Some things are immovable and unchangeable, therefore out of our control. James and Mark take us through their personal experiences of dealing with barriers, and the steps we can all take to achieve a healthy state of mind, which is good for business, and good for relationships.

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Show notes:


Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action by Susan Jeffers

The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday



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