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Feel the fear and retire anyway!

How exactly did Mark Curtis retire before 50?

Four years, 131 episodes, 38 guests and three presenters later, it’s time to say goodbye to the Leadership & Life Chat ‘band’ as we know it. 

In this episode, original presenter, James Lay, makes a triumphant return and, alongside Becky, questions Mark on exactly how he’s been able to pre-plan and orchestrate his retirement at only 49, and the lessons he’s learnt on the way.
Mark is, as always, open about his views on taking control of one's life, and recognising choices while always having a focus on a roadmap for the future, both in business and personal life. The team also dive deep and reflect on the importance of embracing personal purpose. 

They discuss the insights of previous guests around living to your values, stepping out of your comfort zone, overcoming fear, the power of support and encouragement, fears of public speaking, making sacrifices, challenging the perception of success, the importance of continuous learning, the power of asking questions and so much more.

In this final EVER episode, Mark reflects on his past success and failures, shares the advice he would give to his younger self, and looks back on what he’s learned throughout his career, including the importance of being brave and speaking up, avoiding black and white thinking, and developing an internal locus of control. 

*Insert profound heavy metal lyric in honour of Mark here*…. Producer Lizzie can’t think of any, she’s a Taylor Swift fan…

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Show notes

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•    How to be an AWESOME leader and achieve a great work-life balance, with coach and author Ben Coomber
•    Selling up is hard to do. What comes next? With business strategist, Dawn Bloomer
•    Highway to the conquer zone with profit hunter Freddie Bennett
•    Interview with Dr Chris Mason on Leadership Success
•    Find meaning in your work: Meaningful May
•    Power of public speaking with Andrew Brammer
•    Special interview episode with Damian Horner: The Dark Art of Marketing

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